Saturday, January 25, 2014


Tommie Copper's at ease data compresion leggings will be comfortableness intended to assistance decrease agony out of muscular firmness plus swelling, facilitate operation plus treatment plus encourage much needed oxygen sending towards muscle mass.

Can help decrease agony out of muscular firmness plus swelling
Effects much needed oxygen sending towards muscle mass
Light helpful data compresion provides 24 hr apply
Wickable garment retains skin tone waterless
Insured accommodating waist lets more ease
In comfort plus inconspicuously dress in less than leg protection or simply apparel
Add accessories by using a top
Anti-odor systems
Settings body's temperature
Machine launderable. You should never apply medical drugs, garment softeners or simply hair dryer blankets
1 item
Features: 58% Copper-Nylon, 29% Nylon material, 14% Spandex
Obviously anti-bacterial plus anti-odor
UPF 30+ helps to protect skin tone out of 97% with detrimental Ultra violet rays
1. The larger you pay for the larger one saves! Help you save 20 dollar in each couple of pairs with females leggings you pay for. Match and mix colorations plus types. (Not Applicable Compared to other Offers)

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