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The way intriguing Thumb Toon enhances right up Website’s Track record?

These days ended up absent if internet websites just simply incorporate static emails found static websites. That growth connected with technological know-how got quite a few improvements with different layouts in addition to attempt generate a web page all the more wonderful in order to hook often the view with the visitors. Thumb Toon is definitely activities like a revolutionary solution which will allows graphic artist Saudi to develop many eye popping side effects over the internet. Staying often the potent program, Thumb Toon can store martial arts styles, bitmaps in addition to set of training videos once and for all by means of vector paintings as a way to give superior graphical overall look for any readers.

Incredible importance of Thumb Toon with Website Design
The leading endeavor to carryout a web based business is to draw aimed visitors as well as considerably likely targeted visitors connected with readers over the internet. Home that, thumb toon possesses a very secure track record inside web development companies to have a web page incredibly one of a kind having introducing webtoons and living shows. Currently, most of us would not shell out even a secondly on a website that is certainly tedious in addition to dreary and perhaps a penny connected with artwork is absolutely not made use of. On earth connected with uncertain level of competition, this company users are taking guide by quite a few program corporations with Saudi Arabia.

The way Thumb Web development is useful for ones web site?

1 . Thumb Toon is compatible to help most important internet explorer which might be used often in addition to readers purchase a good thumb practical experience with your web page. It gets likely solely together with the liberty connected with Thumb by almost any cell phone browser as well as computer.

minimal payments The item functions a variety of exclusive living side effects to draw and have interaction great number of readers in a very web page. In addition , Set Videos selection in addition have interaction considerably more readers on a website.

several. When your web page is definitely Flash-based, you may as well include things like Flash-based video game titles without bandwidth challenge.

5. They are driving soft brand purposes, vector artwork are being used by web-designers.

5 various. If you prefer target audience you just read whole concept or maybe a whole website page, you can utilize exclusive fonts. To easily replace the fonts, you can utilize an approach titled seeing that Scalable Inman Thumb Substitution (SIFR).

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Islamic rapid True value of Islamic Know-how

Imam Ghazali RA The moment Claimed

"What Is a Value Of Experiencing One thing... After you Hardly understand Often the Words? micron

We can easily Makes Concern Based on All of our Theme By means of Rephrasing The item...

Will be Value Of Every one of the Islamic Know-how; Sentence structure, Tafseer, Hadeeth, Fiqh... If We Have a tendency Be aware Advantage Connected with Frelseren And Don't Find Nearer to The pup SWT?

What exactly Excellent Usually are All of our Complex Islamic Style In addition to Wonderful Mosques Will Do… If We Don't Often the Concept Connected with Islamic In the Paper hearts?

Frelseren SWT Cursed Bani Israel With regard to their Know-how In addition to In contrast Associated with Donkeys Taking Guides. It is not necessarily The amount This Frelseren Cares About; It is a Level of quality.

Abdullah Ibn Mas'ud Claimed The moment Speaking to Often the Taba'een (To Often the New release Once the Companions) Really Allah's Messenger Asked You; A People Will probably Recite Often the Qur'an Nevertheless it Never will Cross Further than All their Throats. By means of Frelseren! I Definitely not Learn... Although Conceivably The majority of Usually are By Within You actually.

If This Is What exactly Abdullah Ibn Mas'ud Known about Often the Taba'een, In that case What exactly Will He / she Declare About Us?

Imam Ghazali in addition well-advised you this, with Islamic information about almost any matter has its own degrees. Like everyone else could not consult a young child in terms of a connoisseur dish, due to the fact she has solely well-known the taste connected with dairy products; how do you supply active information about Islamic with a one that isn't going to perhaps learn Frelseren SWT along with the accurate size connected with his / her romance regarding his Jesus?
This can be a total position of this article with Islamic: we are misplaced often the concept connected with Islamic. I'm on an emotional level in addition to in physical form fallen as well as a asleep as well as moderately alert man it isn't just weak, he's at risk of doing drastically wrong options in addition to working in a very adverse means.

That with Islamic is definitely introduced seeing that ghafla that is certainly often the absence of imagining, heedlessness, weak point connected with Iman and so on Except when i'm thoroughly alert in addition to reactive, even if the direction occurs below neglect the item. Most of us can not manage to rest; if we usually are sitting a lot, i'm at risk of find scratched by means of shayateen in addition to go further away by Frelseren SWT. This is also the sign this calamity by Frelseren is just around the corner to help aftermath you right up by all of our sleep.

Seclusion, Bursting Often the Nafs, Maceration By High end And…Remembrance Connected with Frelseren! Is a Awakening Connected with People Heart And Soul!

Improved acquiring nearer to Frelseren

The primary higher level of acquiring nearer to Frelseren should be to get in touch with The pup having definite idea.

Another amount is definitely before you start experience often the sweetness dulcitude connected with memories connected with Frelseren you need to a new romance having The pup SWT.

The next level should be to subsistence that romance and do anything with your power to aim to even more prolong the marriage.

Grow older talked about prior, all of our current way of living doesn't allow us the posh connected with left over focussed in addition to relax ample to help perhaps look at Islamic. During a period in this way, the way desperately do we have to have tranquility, relaxed atmosphere, concentration, in addition to composure, equanimity, serenity to totally remove the absolute maximum by existence? That tranquility in addition to relaxed atmosphere can just only be achieved over the memories connected with Frelseren SWT.

To get without any doubt inside memories connected with Frelseren complete paper hearts come across total satisfaction.

[Chapter 13 Al-Ra'd voisinage 28]

Could Frelseren SWT Allow Us To honestly Reach Relaxed atmosphere In addition to Pass on The item Into the Maximum Of All of our Power!


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Google Panda Search Algorithm - A Few Things To Do To Avoid Its Effect

Google Panda is the update from Google for their search algorithm. So, it means that how Google crawls for online content is updated and very different from the last few years. Google search will be different and because of this, many websites are taking its tolls from this update.

Google Panda started taking effect on February 2011. Websites with inappropriate content, duplicated content, too many links (including labels or tags) and too little content will become the victim.

What we have to do is just add a few nofollow tags to our websites to title links, labels and side widgets. See below for the instructions:

1. Go to your website html editor (e.g blogger - blogger dashbord ->template ->edit)

2. Find (ctrl+f) the code below

3. Replace the code with the following

4. Done

Now, follow the instructions below to add nofollow tags to your side widget.

1. In the html editor, find the following code:

2. Replace the code with the following:

3. Save your html

4. You are all done!

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Internet Resources - How Legitimate Is Your Resources

Internet is a large information storage device. It is so large that anyone on this planet can access it anywhere and anytime. You can find any types of information from any kind of topics available from managing a business to what happens in your bed. If that information is not enough, you also can interact with other people from around the globe using social network to get the information that you need. It sounds impossible at first but that is currently happening in our daily lives whether you realize it or not.

Even school children search the web for assignments. Internet makes it convenient to many of us. Complicated subjects are made easy with cut and paste service. You don’t have to re-type books or re-draw building plans when it is ready made. With so much easy-to-get information, people are going lazy but this is what technology is made for.

However, though it sound too good to be true, the information that we are retrieving sometimes are not accurate, tampered, unreliable or just a fake.  Internet can be accessed by anyone as long as there is an internet connection. This creates opportunities for people to commit fraud, identity theft, scam or any other criminal activities. The free information that we always get are also unreliable or it is coming from untrusted source.

Searching on the internet
For most internet users, beginners or even lazy people who don’t like to search a reliable database, they use search engines, which is very easy to use. For those people who doesn’t know what search engines, these are examples:, and Search engines are your best friend on the internet. You can just type in anything that you want to find on the search engines.

To use a search engine, you open your web browser (internet explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome) and type the search engine’s URL for example After the page loads the search engine’s website, type the information you required at the search bar and click search. After a second, all the information on your search term will load. The page that contains documents shown to you is called search results.

In the existence of the search engines, many of us intend to ‘misuse’ its purpose. Some of us already know what is the web address of the webpage that you are looking for. Instead of typing the web address on the address bar, you type it in the search engine. So, how many of you type Facebook on Google instead of typing www.facebook.comon the address bar?

Search engine results
After you type in your search term, search results will appear. Usually you will click on the first result because it may be the best result available…or is it? How do you determine whether the information that you are looking for is reliable? The first step is seeing the domain name. All domain names will end with .com, .net, .org, .info, .edu and .gov.
        1.       .com
-          Commercial sites.
-          Seen almost every day online.
-          Can be used by individual.
-          E.g,
         2.       .net
-          Network infrastructures websites
-          Usually used by organizations that involves networking technologies
-          E.g,
         3.       .org
-          Organization sites
-          Mostly are not profit based websites
-          E.g,
         4.       .info
-          Intended to be informative sites
-          Unrestrictive domain, also can be obtained by any individual
-          E.g,
         5.       .edu
-          Educational sites
-          Usually used by higher learning education center
-          Cannot be used by individuals
-          Reliable sites for useful resources especially in research
-          E.g,
          6.       .gov
-          Government sites
-          Cannot be used by individual
-          Government owned websites
-          Reliable sites especially if you want to find statistics e.g crime index, population etc.
-          E.g,,
          7.       Other extensions E.g .my, .jp, .us.
-          Country extensions
-          For example .my for Malaysia, .jp for Japan and .us for United States

By looking at the domain name of the website that appears in your search result is the basic thing you should know when you are looking for reliable information. Now you should understand what is the purpose of the website and what kind of website are you looking at. After knowing about the website, you also should consider a few things about the content in the website.
      1.       Author of the website/article
Find out who is the author of the website and his/her qualifications to write the article. What is the author’s experience? Is it related to the article that he/she wrote? Ask yourself these questions when evaluating the information. These questions can help you determine the credibility of the information. Some website has many authors or they are allowing guest author to write articles in their website’s content.
      2.       Currency
See the date of the information given. Is it up-to-date or not. Most of information seekers want to get the latest information available. However, if you are looking for information according to history, the currency is not so important but the date is.
      3.       Objective or purpose of the website
What is the purpose of the website? Is it educational, informative or just a fake? Don’t misunderstand fake information. Some organization purposely place fake information on their website or on Youtube. This fake information has its purpose, whether to increase traffic or to stimulate visitors to comment. But always remember that fake information can lead to scams when you are visiting commercial sites.
      4.       Links provided
Do you see any links provided in the information? What is the purpose of the links? Does the links help the readers and the article itself?

Reliable resources
Professionals used internet in a different way. They look at the most reliable sources on information databases available. Unfortunately, the best resources are not free. You have to pay for membership to retrieve their information. You cannot always expect everything is free on the internet even if it is only information. Some examples of good internet resources are Google Scholar, EBSCOhost, Emerald Insight and other digital libraries such as UiTM Digital Library Collections, World Digital Libraryand The Smithsonian Libraries available online. These database services provide reliable sources you can get on the internet.

The good news is free resources are available at the digital library mentioned earlier. Only the database services are paid. May be it is because the databases are worth the money that you are paying. However, university digital libraries sometimes don’t allowed outsiders to log in to their library.

Be very careful with internet resources that you find on the internet and extra careful if the website sells anything. Fraud comes in many faces and it hurts the commercial industry in the internet. Use the techniques mentioned above to evaluate the information that you read online. Search for a few more information about the same title so you can conclude what you are reading and for your reference collection. If the information still doesn't satisfy you, ask nearby librarian for help.

Article by,
Albert Babok

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Pick the best Automobile Cellphone

To get a performance car fan, nothing at all surpasses which a excellent very automobile design. Properly, obtaining the desire automobile on the option is difficult for every individual but anybody can face the very best usage of free of charge pc cellphone to be able to enhance your computer display together with newest as well as the very best artist automobiles on the selection.

With all the option of free of charge cellphone, anybody can have the very best types. To find the wall picture of your choice, you should have a look at a number of the well-liked wall picture internet sites offering that you simply complete set of cellphone. As soon as you read the favourite automobile, you simply need to get the particular wall picture make it as your current pc record.

One particular provides the cellphone for those models of Lamborghini, OF HIGH QUALITY and also Hummer automobiles inside attractive shades and fashions although ensuring your current have the very best wall picture that will matches the particular display image resolution. For those who stay yearning to see buying a performance car and also sense it is just a remote desire, well on that will circumstance you can own as much cellphone of your respective favourite desire automobile in your pc using a click of the mouse.

To find the favourite wall picture of your choice, just about all what you require is always to read the large variety of get pc record cellphone although picking performance car. As soon as you pick the pc wall picture, select that, and also help save since pc background and you will have your own personal pc wall picture all set. Although shopping cellphone, anybody can pick from numerous cellphone that will show your chosen automobile inside attractive shades and also options.

Aside from the outdoor regarding automobiles, anybody can acquire the particular satisfaction regarding looking at the automobile that may be photographed pleasantly with different background and options.

Generally, pc cellphone can be found in BMP, JPEG, and also GIF platforms and are used in combination with Microsof company House windows, Mac pc, and also Apache. Dependant on the machine setup and also feature each and every personal computer, the particular wall picture will be scaled in accordance with visual display unit. Automobile fans might have amazing cellphone regarding eye-catching and also spectacular automobiles like Lamborghini, OF HIGH QUALITY, and also Hummer although picking their exclusive design between many cellphone. Therefore , begin with your current large variety of wonderful automobile images.

For those who will be expire tough enthusiasts regarding athletics automobiles and also fans regarding Hummer and also OF HIGH QUALITY, bad the most effective wall picture of your respective favourite design and place that in your pc and also really like the particular it is attractiveness. To follow along with among the best automobile cellphone, many different companies web sites offering large variety of eye-catching cellphone. Give you a passion regarding automobiles a fresh shop, acquire many cellphone regarding antique OF HIGH QUALITY and also Lamborghini, and also alter these in everyday schedule depending on your option. Anybody can buy cellphone that will give attention to the inner regarding automobiles like it is rooms as well as other recognizable items that produce a amazing variety of cellphone.

Therefore , have the very best automobile cellphone, have a look at many automobile variations, and make sure you will get the most effective display image resolution which gives your personal computer a fresh seem. Have the very best automobile cellphone to see your chosen automobile design just before your current sight although great feasts above it is attractiveness. Therefore , read the very best wall picture of your respective favourite automobile.

 If you need more comprehensive explanation about car wallpapers you can go to Free Wallpaper Cars High Definition

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Internet Business: Do it or Don’t do it

With internet on your fingertips, you are planning to make a living out of it. You started an online business in just one day. The next day when you wake up, voila!! Money is rolling like a tsunami to your bank account….NOT. These are what most people think now. Easy, cheap and fast internet makes so many opportunities for people to do their business online.

When the internet was introduced, e-businesses were started by physical stores and premises. They placed their advertisements online and they also sell their products online. This is because everyone can access the internet from the comfort of their home. People don’t need to go out to shop anymore and this is a trend to the urban areas. A simple few clicks on the e-stores is enough for shopping.

Image: source

Today, the e-business can be started by anyone. There are a lot of opportunities to do business online and the best thing is you don’t have to get a license to build your online store. Even if you don’t have your own product, you still can sell other people’s product and gain commission from the sold items. A few examples of popular money-making business online are:

1. Blogging
2. Affiliate marketing
3. E-commerce
4. Arts & craft
5. Auction selling

However in reality, e-business is not a get-rich-quick scheme. Like physical business, it also needs patience and perseverance. For example, a blogger need at least a year to get their first dollar. But it is a different story for a well-known physical business who builds their website online. They already have their own loyal customers and wherever they go, the customers will follow. This goes for business with big brands such as sports brand or a local newspaper. As you can see here, even e-business needs to be advertised and have got to be well-known. Now let us view the few examples of e-business that you can do it online.

A blog is actually a website. A person who writes blogs is called a blogger. It is a website that contains articles which is everyone will read for information. One example of a blog is This is a blog about politics in Malaysia.

How is this being a business?
You can earn from advertising on your blog. The most popular advertising is from Google AdSense. You will be paid from Google if visitors to your blog click on their advertisement. If your blog is popular enough, other organizations will pay you if you placed their ads on your blog. It’s like renting a place for their ads.

Affiliate marketing
This is when I said you sell other people’s products. You will get paid by commissions. You help the organization to advertise their products through a special link that contains your information. This is how the organization knows who is selling the products and the commission will go to that particular person. Usually people make their advertisements through Pay Per Click (PPC). This PPC is what you see on Google AdSense. One famous affiliate marketing company is

An e-commerce website looks like and website. You will build a website looking like that with your own products listed. If you don’t have any product, other people also can sell their products in your website like

Arts & crafts
This is when creativity really comes to the topic. If you are good with something, let say origami, you can sell your origami online. Make your product looks different from the others. The more unique your product is, the more sells it will make. But this kind of e-business is quite rare because not all of us can do arts or crafts.

Auction selling
So you have your product but you don’t have a website. This is not a problem anymore. You can sell it at or Building your own little-known e-commerce website can be frustrating and it takes a lot of your time. The well-known website is a stepping stone for some people who want to sell their products fast.

So guys, the above are some example of e-business that you can do to make real money on the internet. You can choose which one that suits your interest. If you are the person who wants fast cash or cannot be patient, it is not the business that you need. You better don’t do it or it will be just a waste of time for you. Time is really precious for us. For anyone who is interested, well, I wish you all good luck and have patience..a lot of it..

Article by:
Albert Babok

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Design, Creativity and Innovation of a Blog

As we all know, blog is very popular and a common tool used by internet users. People from primary school children to large organization use blog to communicate with other internet users on certain topics. Blog can contain everyday activities like a traditional diary for an individual to promotional tool by an organization. Blog is short for web log. It can be a paid service or free such as as what you are reading here.

Every day throughout the year, many internet enthusiasts created their blog and tried to maintain it as long as they can. Unfortunately, many of the blogs failed miserably and lost their readers. To maintain a blog, you should look at the design, creativity and innovation and how to apply them in a regular basis.

Image: Source


In real life, we say ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ but this cannot be applied in blogs. In creating a blog, people do judge your blog design. Imagine talking to two different people, one looks homeless and the other looks like an executive. Which one are you going to ask about investment advice? That is how important the blog design is. As humans, we are attracted to beautiful designs.

Beautiful design is important but do not overdo it. Do not fill every empty space on your blog. Some people tend to put banners, advertisements, messages and whatever to every empty space in their blog. This can make it difficult to find stuffs in your blog. Remember, time is money to some people. Your blog’s visitors will not read everything in your blog to find the stuffs that they need. Returning visitors usually want to find something in your blog because they already know how your blog looks like and the content. Make it easy for them. Put your search box where it is easy to find.

Make your text readable. Do not use unnecessary text fonts and colors that are not contrast with the background. This will cause reading your blog content looks like a trip to hell. Create paragraph after a few lines and add subheadings.

Do not forget to create your logo. Logo is important to a blog. It is a trademark. Do not get depress in trying to create one. You can use text to create your logo. There is no need to spend a dime. A fancy logo is not worth it if the content of the blog is crap.


It is best to start a controversy but do not cross the line. Readers love controversies. If the topic is just right, you can be a star in just one night. Just write something that what people want to read about. It is also important to organize your idea for your blog. Know about an interesting topic and who your audiences are.

Sometimes it is hard at the beginning. Read and learn more about your topic. Be an expert to it. Once you are familiar with it, ideas will flow naturally. Readers like to read about fresh ideas and gain knowledge from it. Keep your ideas up to date.

Remember to not giving up on your blog. Keep on writing and posting. No one creates a blog with nothing to say. Be creative in your writing. If you cannot write, you can hire a writer to write for you. There are many freelance writers who will write for you for a small fee.

Regular update will draw traffic to your blog but first time visitor will not buy anything from your blog. Do not even try to sell anything to first time visitors. Make a good relationship with them to make them coming back. You can do this by inviting them to subscribe to your RSS (Rich Site Summary) feed, sign up for email list, subscribe your blog post or be a fan on social network.

The next thing is communicate with your readers. Do some poll questions, contest and giving freebies. In this way, you will communicate with your readers and they also can give their opinion. Be creative in asking questions to draw the visitor’s attention. But make sure the questions are related to your blog topic.

Change your blog template regularly especially during festive season and special occasions. This will make a good impression to your blog and visitors will see that you are up to date and sensitive with everyday activities.

Do not forget to be creative with the SEO (Search Engine Optimization). ‘Trick’ the SEO to make your blog on top of the search list. Put keywords on your blog headlines and unique title tags.


Creating a blog that is different from others is quite important but avoid using a never-seen-before design. It is good to be innovative but never-seen-before design will confused the readers. Do not waste other people’s time looking at the design. Make the visitors know clearly what is your blog is about and who are the audience.

When writing about controversies, make sure the idea is new but reliable. Do not write anything that is not true. You can lose a lot of visitors if they find out that you are writing crap or worse you can end up facing a lawsuit. Being innovative in blog writing is a very good thing but do not cross the line just for asking attention for a day.

Blog design is like a face to your blog. Do not change it regularly. The best thing to do, do not try to change it. People love the way it is because they are used to it. However, if your blog looks lame, it is a different story. The content comes first then the design.

Start now!

What are you waiting for? Start your own blog and have fun. Blogging is a fun thing to do. If you do not know where to start, ask a person who knows about blogging or search in the internet on how to create a blog account. Do not give up on your blog. Who knows that your informative blog can be an ATM machine for you. Make your blog successful or die trying.

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