Monday, May 13, 2013

Know Your Camera Flash

Know Your Camera Flash

Flash is one of the standard accessories that greatly affect the outcome of the photo. Proper use of flash will produce images that are sharp and bright, but if it is not right, it can be a dark picture, or too bright (over-exposed).

For to use flash properly, it is necessary to understand the various modes contained in flash, namely:

1. Auto: Flash will automatically turn on when the light measurement is less than expected.
2. On: Flash will always be lit, although measurements indicate insufficient light. This mode is used to fill in - illuminate objects that are in shadow or compensate for the light from the bright background
3. Off: flash will not light up even less light. This mode is required to obtain natural lighting or prevent pauses between shots is too long
4. Slow sync: Flash will light up, but the aperture will remain open until a certain time. This mode is necessary to capture the background behind an object or to reduce dark shadows behind the object resulting from the use of flash
5. Red-eye reduction: Useful to prevent red eye on human photos. Flash will light up shortly before the aperture open (pre-flash) so that the object pupils return to normal when the flash lit up again along with the opening of the aperture (shooting).

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